Made it to Chicago

In the movie Pumping Iron, Franco Columbu describes the phrase “go to California” as an equivalent to “go to Hell”, because where he came from California was a place you never make it to. For the last couple of years, Chicago has been our California. It has been a place that seemed like we would never make it to — there were too many obstacles — selling the house, landing a job, downsizing from a 4 bedroom house to a much smaller apartment, finding an apartment. There were a lot of reasons to stay in Omaha, but there was something inside us that said we needed to make the move. And we finally did it – we made it!

We’ve been here about two and a half weeks at this point, and right now we’re very happy. Every day and every errand is a new adventure.

We’re learning how to buy groceries – we no longer drive our car and pack the trunk full of a weeks worth of groceries.  Instead, we walk to the store and buy a few items at a time.  Even if we could carry more groceries back, our small apartment kitchen doesn’t have the storage for them.

We’re learning how to take public transportation and walk – anywhere we can. To me it’s fun, and a big reason I wanted to move to the city. I enjoy taking the trains and buses – although I’ve learned that certain times are less enjoyable (morning rush hour to downtown). And it’s pretty cool how many places you can get to just by walking.
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Scared, again

The last time I wrote a blog post, I was scared.  But, I didn’t know how much more scared I would be, again, in just 16 months.  But re-reading that post now, I have some of the same feelings still and I guess this is just the next step.
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Tomorrow is my last day at Union Pacific Railroad.  When I started working there I was 22 and just starting my last year of college, no kids, no mortgage, and I had just met a great girl. Life changes fast.
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Blogging on Blogger

Why do I blog on Blogger?  Doesn’t Blogger suck?

I have tried a variety of different blogging platforms – WordPress, Tumblr, Scriptogram, Calepinand the now defunct Posterous and and there’s probably some others in there also.
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