Would you drink this?

This post is part of Blog Action Day 2010.

No? Then, why should they have to?

Is water an issue?

I first heard about the charity: water organization several months ago. It was probably back in May when the Big Omaha conference was going on. I saw a lot of tweets about water and I ignored them. I saw blog posts about water and I ignored them. I saw all this stuff about charity: water and water in general – and I ignored it. The issue just seemed boring or maybe it just didn’t seem like much of an issue at all. With everything else going on – wars, poverty, homelessness, etc. – water seemed irrelevant to me.

Just a few days ago I saw a tweet from @slobotski

I was tired of listening to music, so I thought – why not give it a listen?

This video changed my mind completely about the topic. I really liked Scott Harrison’s story – waking up at 30 years old after spending years as a high-class partier and realizing that he had a higher calling. Some of the stories he told about the children broke my heart – reminding me of my own children. His story just touched home with me. The pictures, videos, and stories showed just how big of an issue water really is.

Here’s a fact to think about – Unsafe drinking water and lack of sanitation kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.


I’ve really started to detest my birthday over the last few years. I don’t like gifts and I think birthday cards is a really good business – but I get absolutely nothing out of them. I do open birthday cards, but almost immediately throw them in the trash. There’s $5 thrown away.

charity: water has a different idea for your birthday. I remembered reading Seth Godin’s blog that he had given up his birthday. This is perfect… and my birthday is coming up. So, I thought why not setup my own campaign and instead of throwing away $5 birthday cards I could collect the money and maybe somebody, somewhere might benefit from it.

Where does the money go?

A lot of people are worried that their money is going into someone’s pocket instead of where they want it to go. I think charity: water does a pretty good job of not doing this. First, 100% of donations go to water projects and 0% go to salaries, admin, travel, etc. How do they pay their employees? They have sponsors that fund that side of things. They also use GPS and Google Maps to provide proof of where they place each well. They also document what they’ve given to each location. And they also blog and provide video of their work.

How can you help?

You can help immediately by helping me reach my birthday goal, create your own fundraiser, purchase something from the charity: water shop, or volunteer.


I’ve read a lot about this organization in the last few days and they’ve been covered by the media on multiple ocassions. I do feel they are legit and this is the real deal. I think this is an issue to become involved with.

I’ve written before how we, as Americans, are extremely lucky – just by chance. Now, picture yourself and your family if you weren’t.