Attending a Jordan Peterson lecture

My wife and I recently drove down to Des Moines, Iowa to watch Jordan Peterson’s lecture. I was pretty excited for it – I’m a fan of a lot of his ideas. I think he might be the best thinker of our time.

Why do we like Steve Jobs?

People love Steve Jobs – he was a visionary. He revolutionized several industries. He invented the Macintosh which changed our entire lives. He invented iPhone which changed our entire lives. The list goes on.

But he also was not a nice person.

The fans lose

It seems Neil Young has decided to ask Spotify to make a decision between him and Joe Rogan and they chose Joe. All over Covid. As if we didn’t all hate Covid enough.

Trying out the PARA Method

The problem with productivity tools (task managers, note taking apps, etc.) is that you never seem to stop changing things. Sometimes you spend more time working on productivity than being productive. However, I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing – or maybe I’m trying to justify changing up my system… again.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s nightmare

I already wrote some of my thoughts about Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, but there’s one thing I didn’t mention in that post that I’ve still been thinking about.

December 26 is the real holiday

I’ve decided that December 26 is the real holiday. Nothing to buy, nothing to prepare for.

Get notified when a web-site updates

I thought certainly there is someone offering a service to send you notifications when a web-site that you want to keep track of, gets an update. I was right.

A single note on a single piece of paper

One tip I picked up from David Allen that has stuck with me and I think has made some improvement on how I take notes and process them, is writing a single note on a single piece of paper.

Read More

It seems people always want to read more than they do, and I’m no exception. Usually I set a yearly goal with Goodreads which I haven’t actually hit too often. And my goal for the last several years has been 20 books, which doesn’t seem like an extraordinary amount – it seems like I number I should be able hit.

Easiest Way to Build an Online Store

Recently I was asked to help build a web-site for a family member to sell some of her artwork and other things. I was hesitant because of my past experience with e-commerce. But, I decided I would get started and work through the issues and see what roadblocks I ran into and maybe learn something in the process.

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