Getting Started Making YouTube Videos

Last month I started making YouTube videos. I’ve struggled through making about 10 videos so far. Here’s a little bit of how I’m making those right now.

Get a College Education on YouTube

There is a lot to despise about how much time we spend looking at screens. And if it were all bad it would be easy for us to know what to do. Stop using it! However, it isn’t all bad – there is some good that comes from our devices, social media, etc.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much we can learn from YouTube.

I’m not much of an artist…

I have been following Austin Kleon for a while now, but lately have been paying closer attention. I’ve also been doing some more self-reflection recently and I’m thinking that drawing might be a good way to do some of that.

I’m not much of an artist but decided to purchase a brush pen. Here were some first attempts in kind of the same style as Austin’s diary pages

Batched Mobile Notifications

When I hear my notification sound ring, it causes me a minor level of anxiety – because it could be anything – it could be a text message from my family or it could be Clash of Clans letting me know that my army is ready for battle. The anxiety isn’t relieved until I actually check it and see that it was just an e-mail that I could’ve dealt with when I’m ready to sit down and respond to e-mails.

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